preamble_bgWhat is a Pivotal Click? The pivotal click is the moment of truth when a person crosses the threshold between simply trying out a Web site, application, or any kind of digital experience, and deciding that it’s good enough to tell their friends about. That’s it.

That’s All?

Mostly. People who like something enough to tell their friends about it tend to keep coming back. They click on ads, make use of applications, buy products and services, visit more often and establish relationships that last. We help our clients create those kinds of experiences.

So You’re A Web Design Firm?

We’re a full-service digital product development firm. We frequently design Web sites, but the pivotal click exists in just about any kind of interactive experience: intranets and extranets, Web applications, online marketing vehicles, games, collaborative software, consumer electronics, and more. We help clients define and refine their ideas, understand their audiences, design prototypes, and build finished products.

How Does This Help Me?

Pivotal Click (the company) provides consulting services around the pivotal click concept. We help our clients develop a strategy for finding the set of pivotal clicks that will make their customers talk to their friends. Then we collaboratively build an experience around them, using research, design, and technology. If business needs dictate a dramatic shift in perspective, we use a structured process for innovation.

How Do You Find the Pivotal Click?

We put the customer in the driver’s seat. Using interpretive research, task-based segmentation, contextual and ethnographic inquiry, and usability analysis, we determine how their needs and interests match up to your business goalsand craft a solution for fulfilling both of them.

How Do You Work?

Just like in the movies. Our team is assembled to match the specific needs of each project, from a group of talented people who have worked together for years. We use small, cross-disciplinary teams in place of a big, bloated ‘role-based’ organization. That means more flexible collaboration, lower overhead costs for our clients, and an easier time integrating into their internal teams.

Can I Talk to Someone for More Information?

Absolutely. You can reach Joel Grossman, our Founder and Managing Principal, at (847) 363-6341 or e-mail Pivotal Click, LLC at info@pivotalclick.com with any questions or comments. We would love to hear from you.