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Audience Segmentation for Intranets

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Melcrum Publishing has published an interview with Joel Grossman on the topic of audience segmentation for intranet design and development. It’s been included in their most recent report on Internal Communications, as well as excerpted in two separate articles on their “Hub for Internal Communicators” subscription site. If you happen to be a member, you […]

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Bridge Experiences Article Published at UXmatters

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Joel Grossman’s article on Bridge Experiences is now available at for your reading pleasure.

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“Feeling Secure” Published in ACM Interactions

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Today my article on the user experience of security, and its emotional underpinings in feelings of respect for users, was published in ACM SICGHI’s journal Interactions. This was part of a special issue exploring the relationship between security and user experience. An excerpt: A sense of control is what makes people feel secure. It produces […]

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The ‘User Experience’ of Death & Dying

Posted by jgro in Articles, Projects

We’ve taken on an interesting project for a funeral home and cemetery, and it has really forced me to come to grips with two things that just don’t go together too often in my experience: Death and the Web.

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The User Experience Fail-Through

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We’ve been thinking a lot about situations in which a failure in the user experience is overcome by an adaptive practice on the part of the user. Usually, these occur when there’s a lag between the design of the experience and the surrounding context. The best example we’re currently aware of is the signature strip […]

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