Site Launch: Project to Surface

Posted by Administrator in Projects

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Project to Surface, a Web site for New York-based Grainwork Studio, an art and design collective headed by Ben Krone, and collaborators Rich Chang and Alex Chang at dream so much.

From the site:

Art and architecture collide on Madison Avenue. Project to Surface is a collaboration between five visual artists and an architect in rendering their visual concepts into three-dimensions through the use of cutting edge architecture software, fabrication tools and techniques. David Diao, Kenji Hirata, KAWS, Matzu-MTP and Leah Raintree will work with designer Ben Krone, a rising star in the architecture world, to create five large-scale sculptural panels.

Each three-dimensional relief surface is created using elaborate digital translation tools, such as Rhinoceros CAD software, and then converted into tooling paths and mechanically cut on a 3-axis CNC mill.

In applying advanced architecture tools and processes to project the artists’ visual concepts into three-dimensional relief, PROJECT TO SURFACE seeks to explore the possibilities and dangers of intersecting art and architecture.

Read another way, the word “surface” points to the emergence of the artists’ vision partnered with the architect’s hand, while revealing a series of narratives that document the dynamics of an exploratory collaboration.

The five finished panels and their prototypes will be exhibited in a gallery exhibition at m127, a new Madison Avenue development in New York City designed by Krone. The exhibition opens May 2007 for a two-month run.

Congratulations to Ben and each of the artists. We’re proud to be a part of the project.