Posted by jgro in Friends

We would like to offer up our hardiest, deep in Winter, Midwestern congratulations to Dirk, Andrei and the entire Involution Studios team on the launch of Spivot, an exciting new Web-based personal media aggregator.

We were proud to be able to help out with some feedback during the early alpha and beta stages of Spivot.

Its greatest strength is the combination of power and simplicity. While there are other aggregators out there, Spivot provides the ability to combine all sorts of media—regular Web content, feeds, video (and more to come)—with the ability to filter by source, type of content, or whatever defined methods you create. It’s also a great way to grab a gestalt view of what’s happening in the world, in a richer way than my standard “wall of TV screens via Google News”-method provides.

This a great tool and a great standards-setter for what interface design should be.