Cloverleaf Innovation in BusinessWeek Feature

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Our great and good friends over at Cloverleaf Innovation, with whom we partner frequently on digital and non-digital innovation work, appear in BusinessWeek’s special “Innovation & Design” feature. Jonathan Finer, one of Cloverleaf’s principals, is the voice behind this:

The team at Cloverleaf Innovation, an innovation firm located in Evanston, IL, understands that multi-disciplinary teams, comprised of members of the hiring organization, are the keys to making impact within an organization. For this reason, they conduct a “Discovery Workshop” at the start of each of their projects. This workshop engages all critical partners and stakeholders of the project together to think about the topic at hand. By soliciting multiple perspectives from the hiring organization at the outset of the project (and throughout the process), Cloverleaf is able to get a good read on what the innovation tolerance of the organization is as a whole (i.e. the spectrum of acceptable solutions to the problem), while creating an open and collaborative environment conducive to fresh thinking.

Full Article (link to BusinessWeek)

Cloverleaf Innovation Web Site (which Pivotal Click produced in collaboration with Cloverleaf)