Article in ACM SIGCHI Interactions Special Issue on Security

Posted by jgro in News

Just got the good news that an article I submitted for publication to Interactions, the journal of ACM SIGCHI, the ACM’s Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction. It’s going to be in a special issue devoted to Security.

Journal profile from the site:

Interactions is a timely new magazine on applied human-computer interaction (HCI). Its primary objective is to communicate ideas, standards, practices, research results and case studies to the practitioner. Users, developers, designers, managers, researchers and purchasers interested in HCI will gain access to leading-edge ideas and tools that emerge from research and development, achieving a true technology transfer from R&D settings to the practitioner community.

Interactions has switched editorial leadership in the last year and changed its look and feel dramatically. It used to be far more academic in tone, but has incorporated a number of visual and editorial changes that are more inclusive for practitioners of UX. Check it out.