Bridge Experiences

Posted by jgro in News

We’ve been spending a lot of time lately with clients who are trying to develop user experiences that cross different channels, genres and media for very specific reasons. This is different, for example, from simply having online and offline elements to products or services, or their marketing.

These are situations where the business goals dictate shuttling people back and forth between different physical and digital places in order for them to get what they need.

There are some great examples of this out there: Web-based ordering and in-store printing at FedEx Kinko’s, things like Meetup and Dodgeball, and things like Geocaching.

Lots of interesting connections here to the work being done around ubiquitous computing and the personal infocloud.

Bridge Experiences are becoming an area of particular focus for Pivotal Click, not only because we were involved in some very early examples of this with Playboy and Britannica during the mid- to late 1990s, but because it’s an interim step towards understanding the practical issues surrounding UbiComp and augmented reality experiences.

Look for an article on this topic to be published soon.