Recap on SXSWi

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Thanks to Rob Goodlatte for this photo of Kelly Goto and I during the Dogma Free Design panel at SXSWi 2006.

We had a great time, and provoked some very open discussion about the challenges of infusing design thinking into today’s business process. Comments on the panel, from around the Web, courtesy of LukeW:

From Jared Christensen:

“This panel was excellent, meaning I forgot to take a lot of notes. The primary message was to throw out the dogma and rhetoric and adopt practices and beliefs that actually work for design.”

From Chat Clussman:

“They pointed out something that has been obvious to me for years: Amazon has a horrible interface. Yet they do a ton of usability testing and A/B testing for any change they make to their site. A/B testing is like comparing McDonald’s burgers with mayo to McDonald’s burgers with mustard (analogy stolen from one of the panelists). At some point a radical change is required to move forward with the design of the site or product or whatever.”

From jcroft’s Flickr set:

“Another panel that I (frankly) wasn’t expecting to be that great, but turned out to be terrific. All of the panelists were really brilliant…” [aw, pshaw]

Thanks to all my co-panelists, and all the folks who attended. Very much appreciated.