New Client and Project: Apogee Enterprises’ MedPal Card

Posted by jgro in News, Projects

We’re pleased to announce a new client, Phoenix, Arizona-based Apogee Enterprises LLC, who are the brains behind the MedPal Card.

MedPal is a smartcard-based platform for linking patients, healthcare facilities, insurance providers, pharmacies and businesses for the secure sharing of patient information. Any organization can provide MedPal cards to its customers, employees, or affiliates that enable them to avoid the hassle of filling out paper forms with the same information over and over again.

How many times have you stood in line to fill out these forms, when you know that your doctor or clinic already has everything about you stored already? It’s crazy. We think MedPal is a brilliant idea and wish we’d come up with it ourselves.

Our first project will be a redesign of the MedPal Card site, in partnership with DesignBase. In the future, we’ll be collaborating on some further product development and user experience consulting. Very much looking forward to getting into this space.