New Client: Event News Network

Posted by jgro in News, Projects

Event News Network is a business with a brilliant model. They provide extraordinarily targeted marketing campaigns delivered through the format of a 24-hour broadcast news network that is spatially and temporally focused on professional conferences in the medical industry.

Imagine if CNN covered the American Heart Association’s annual conference with the same level of intensity and production values as they did a celebrity show trial. That’s what ENN does. Their team consists of marketing strategists, a stellar production team, and broadcast-quality on-air talent, all of whom collectively deliver a very compressed and powerful experience for all of the attendees of the conferences they cover.

Just like any broadcast news network, there are interviews, forum discussions, televised presentations, all covering the key stories of the conference. The network is broadcast on plasma screen TVs all over the location of the conference. Even better, it’s piped into the closed-circuit TV in all of the hotel rooms, so that if you want to catch a 7:00 a.m. presentation but are too tired to shower, you can still watch it live–on TV.

But that’s just the good part. The great part is that they provide this service to the non-profit medical associations for free. Their model is to provide sponsorships for large pharmaceutical corporations whose products appear in commercials and in ‘brought to you by…’ messages during the broadcast.

The cool part about this is that it is a 100% appropriate time to market to healthcare professionals, because they are in the midst of their professional education and development. They can (and should) discuss new drugs and treatments in an open forum with their colleagues, so messaging about these products is both warranted and appreciated. It doesn’t take away any time from their busy day of seeing patients. Win-win.

We’ll be redesigning their Web site and some digital marketing communications, as well as building a collaborative Web application for their business development efforts.