Site Launch:

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We’re pleased to announce the launch of Apogee Enterprises’ new Web site for the MedPal™ Card, their flagship project.

From the site:

MEDPAL™ is a system that provides you and your family with an easy and efficient way to transport your medical information.

Your pertinent medical information is stored and transported on the MEDPAL™ card. The resources to update the card are installed at healthcare facilities.

You can get your information updated, exchanged, and secured wherever you go for medical care with your MEDPAL™ card in hand.

You as the patient do not ever have to hassle with entering in medical data such as doctor’s forms again.

The accredited healthcare personnel, nurse, or physician enters your medical information for you onto the MEDPAL™ card.

The card travels with you like any other identification, insurance, or credit card you possess.

We’re signing up ASAP.

Congrats to the entire Apogee team!